Candlestick and Chart Patterns Crash Course


This Candlestick and Chart Patterns Crash Course: Advance Level is designed for those who actually want to explore the market and earn a continued profit because in this  Candlestick course I have given the hidden secrets of the Japanese candlestick pattern.


This course is designed on the basis of a new market because after covid-19 the market has totally changed. Fear and Greed are more volatile in the Global and Indian markets. so due to volatility, it’s challenging to find Trends or Identify trend reversals. But don’t worry Vikash Chaudhary is here, I cracked the market and found the eject solution. This course will help you to flow with volatility. After completing this course you will be able to quickly identify the Trend of the market and find the Trend reversal sign.

In this course, I have explained all single and double candlestick patterns with PPTX and then in the chart. I have written and explained all the rules and key points of each candlestick pattern in PPTX  and then shown examples in the live chat with practical.

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