Vikash Chaudhary

Hello, I am Vikash Chaudhary, a professional stock market trader, with expertise in Intraday and Options Trading, and an active social media presence in education and guiding budding traders. I have an organization under the name of StocksAim, that has a Youtube channel with over thousands of subscribers. I and the organization Aim to impart the knowledge and skill that I have acquired with over 7 years of experience in the field of the stock market. I at StocksAiM aim to provide the guidance and mentorship that most traders are in pursuit of but deprived of, to help every trader out there get the right direction and the head start that is needed to boost their career in today’s market. So if you are serious about the stock market, if you want to make money from the stock market, and if you are not looking for sugar-coated bookish knowledge then join us.

The Best Option Trading Course In Hindi

The best option trading course in Hindi

Discover the power of option trading through our comprehensive course in Hindi. With over 25.32 hours of on-demand video, 20 downloadable resources, and full lifetime access, you’ll master strategies, risk management, and more. Join our community, access weekly psychological classes, and make informed decisions in the stock market.

What are future trading in the stock market? How to trade in futures?

What is future trading in stock market

What are future contracts in the stock market? Futures contracts are usually traded on an exchange, which units the requirements for every settlement. Since the contracts are standardized, they may be freely exchanged among buyers. This presents the vital liquidity to make certain speculators do not become taking bodily shipping of a tanker-load of oil. …

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